2012   |   70 min.   |   Documentary   |   Lithuania, France   |   Trailer   |
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Giedrė Žickytė
Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė, Paul Saadoun

Eitvydas Doškus, Audrius Kemežys, Rimantas Leipus
Vytautas Bikus, Viktoras Diawara

Laurence Generet, Samuel Lajus, Giedrė Žickytė

Sound Designer
Vytis Puronas
Jonas Sunklodas
Just a moment (LT), 13 Productions (FR)
Lithuanian Ministry of Culture (LT), Creative Europe (EU), PROCIREP – Société des Producteurs et de l’ANGOA (FR), LRT - Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LT), Historie (FR), The Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (FR)
The story of the film begins in 1984, the very beginning of perestroika in USSR, when a group of architects decided to organize a one night music band as a New Year’s party joke in Kaunas, Lithuania. The joke proved to be so good that rumors about the new exciting rock band ANTIS spread from lips to lips. Imposing make-up and props, stylized show, and lyrics were creating pervasive caricature of the Soviet propaganda and perfectly discrediting the absurdity of the Soviet reality. Soon their intellectual clownery grew into the Rock Marches - massive events involving thousands of people - that transformed into the big meetings for Lithuanian Independence later named the Singing Revolution. This is the story about a small country that in a certain period of history managed to overshadow all the other news headlines in the world. This is the story about the people who raised their independence with the smiles and songs regardless of the danger of the situation.
Awards and festivals
2012 Best Baltic Documentary at Vilnius International Documentary Film Festival (LT)
2012 Nomination for the Best Documentary at National Film awards "Silver Crane" (LT)
2015 Krakow Film Festival (PL)
2015 18th Annual European Union Film Festival (CA)
2015 Uruguay International Film Festival (UY)
2014 Ars Independent Festival (PL)
2014 Live at Heart Festival (SE)
2014 International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)
2013 Lens Politica Film & Media Art Festival (EE)
2013 Leeds International Film Festival (UK)
2013 Bergen International Film Festival (N)
2013 International Film Festival "Kino. Films from Russia and Beyond" (CH)
2013 Let'S Cee International Film Festival (IT)
2013 New Films/New Directors International Film Festival (US)
2013 Sheffield Doc/Fest (UK)
2013 60th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Official competition (RS)
2013 DocuDays UA International documentary and human right film festival (UA)
2013 Trieste International film festival (IT)
2012 The 28th Warsaw Film Festival, Official Competition (PL)
2012 Verzio Human Rights Film Festival in Budapest (HU)
2012 The 54th Nordic Film Days Lübeck (DE)
2012 Human rights Film Festival "Ad Hoc: Inconvenient Films" (LT)
2012 Kaunas International Film Festival (LT)
2012 Vilnius International Documentary Film Festival (LT)
2012 Vilnius International Film Festival "Kino Pavasaris" (LT)
2011 European Film Forum "Scanorama" (LT)
how we played the revolution
how we played the revolution
how we played the revolution
how we played the revolution
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