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In development   |    80 min.   |    Animation feature   |   Lithuania, France   |   Looking for co-producers, funding and sales partners
Writers (screenplay)
Jurga Vilė, Christelle Berthevas

Based on the graphic novel SIBERIAN HAIKU by
Jurga Vilė, Lina Itagaki | Publisher Aukso Žuvys


Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė, Jean-François Le Corre

Just a moment (LT), Vivement Lundi ! (FR)


Lithuanian Film Centre (LT), Creative Europe Media (EU)

He was just an eight year old boy. All he wanted was to travel around the world. Instead, he was deported to Siberia with his family. It is a story of resilience and hope.
The graphic novel is translated and published in:

English by SelfMadeHero
French by Sarbacane
Italian by Topipittori
Russian by Samokat 
German by Baobab books
Polish by Fundacja Pogranicze 
Romanian by Editura Frontiera
Latvian by Liels un Mazs
Czech by Argo Publishing
Estonian by Kirjastus Draakon & Kuu
Ukrainian by Vydavnytstvo 
Spanish by Dibbuks
Japanese by Kadensha

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